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Legends and Heroes Tour to Honor Iconic Ladies Motorcyclist Nancy Sabater-Schlag at the Tampa SX

February 15, 2020 - Where history takes the lead. The Legend and Heroes Tour Traveling Moto Museum is happy to announce that they will again take part in the pit party activation in the Fan Fest activation at round seven of the 2020 season in Tampa, FL. The tour is now in its 11th season of celebrating the sport of supercross and motocross. In addition to their display of vintage machines and memorabilia from local enthusiasts, the tour will honor iconic ladies motorcyclist, Nancy Sabater-Schlag, during opening ceremonies.

About Nancy Sabater-Schlag-

• 2011 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year

• 2012 Founder of Dirt Bike Girl

• 2018 Toyota Supercross Makeup 2 Mud (Seattle SX)

• 2018 AMA East Hare Scramble Women’s Novice Champion

• 2019 – Current, Trail Pros Sprint Cross Country Series Co-Founder

Nancy was named "2011 Motorcyclist of the Year" by the American Motorcyclist Association for her impact on motorcycling and for her work in fighting the CPSIA "Lead Law." This "Lead Law" would have banned the sale of motorcycles and ATV's manufactured for children that were twelve years old or less and would have slowly ended motorcycling as we know it. Without the appropriately sized machines, children would have to ride equipment that did not fit them properly, putting them in unnecessary danger.

Gathering as much information as possible and working tirelessly with dealers, racers, and the government, the "Moto Patriot" fought the law, and in 2011 the law became exempt for OHVs. If it weren't for the work of the AMA Government Relations Department, Nancy feels that the bill would have passed, and countless kids would be unable to enjoy the sport of motorcycling.

In 2014 Nancy explored her passion for writing by penning a column for the youth online magazine, MX Antix. The column, called "The Moto Patriot," was a location for her to share her thoughts on the sport and promote motorcycle advocacy – from topics like safety to choosing a race series. Although she no longer writes the column, she is writing a book about women in motorcycling – with a twist. You'll have to wait to read!

An off-road rider and racer herself, Nancy started This website features interviews with female racers of all levels, and inspirational stories and information written to help and encourage the growth of females in the sport.

"There are so many wonderful and talented ladies in the sport, and I am thrilled to be able to share their stories" Dirt Bike Girl Adventures has turned into a community that continues to grow. DBGA is the go-to for great information and happenings, for those new to the sport as well as seasoned participants. Product reviews help the ladies and encourage conversation about the direction of the industry, catering to their growing demographic. It also features an occasional "Girl Only" ride and a basic introduction to dirt biking.

Today, Nancy and her husband, former professional motocross racer and off-road champion Billy Schlag, run the Trail Pros Sprint Cross Country Series. Started in 2019, the SXCS is the nation's first three moto-format championship motorcycle series. The series combines sprint cross, grand prix, and cross country formats and obstacles to encourage a wide range of racers and potential cross over opportunities. The series, built by racers for racers on professionally built courses, saw an excellent first season and hopes to grow in 2020.

Join us on Saturday night as we honor Nancy.

With the help of tour sponsor EZ-Up Shelters, the 2020 design will feature a walk-through timeline that celebrates all of the sports supercross champions. The tour has kept the founding fathers, and mothers, pure in their thoughts by honoring the men and women that shaped supercross and motocross into what it is today. They tell the story of supercross.

Thanks to our local friends at each round. The Legends Tour features some of the best vintage motocross bikes on display in a single location. Featuring different vehicles at each round, our guests can relive the machines of their youth and show their family and friends the early days of motocross and supercross. Look for the Legend and Heroes Tour Traveling Moto Museum at each round of the Monster Energy Supercross series in 2020.

See behind the scenes footage and great vintage photos and stories by visiting our website and social media accounts.


About the Tour: The Legends and Heroes Tour is a professional, historical display and timeline of America’s greatest motorsports, motocross, and supercross. On-site, the tour encompasses nearly 5000 square feet of moto-history with bikes, gear, and other memorabilia that transport our guests back in time through the history of the sport. Visited by more than 9 million guests since it's inception, the Legends and Heroes Tour attends each stop of the Monster Energy Supercross Series. Visit us in the Pit Party at a supercross or other event near you or online at

The Legends and Heroes Tour would not be possible without great sponsors like Food for Life Bakery, Yuasa, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires, EZup Shelters, Wossner, Boyesen, Motion Pro, Engine Ice, Acerbis, Spectro Oil, Rich Designs, Asterisk, Vintco, CALVMX, Feld Entertainment, Monster Energy Supercross, and Yamaha. Thank you all.

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