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Legends and Heroes Tour to Honor Houston’s Own H&H Music Racing at Houston Supercross this Weekend

Houston, TX - January 12, 2018 - The Legend and Heroes Tour, the only traveling motocross and supercross museum in the country, is pleased to announce that they will Houston, Texas’ own H&H Music Racing Team this Saturday night at round two of the Monster Energy Supercross series in Houston, Texas.

The Tour stands behind the belief that “We Don’t Leave History Behind” and has kept the founding fathers, and mothers, pure in their thoughts by honoring the men and women that shaped supercross and motocross into what it is today. Each honoree receives a special commemorative plaque during a special podium presentation on the stadium floor before opening ceremonies.

About H&H Music Racing: Started in 1970 by Clint Hackney Jr, the H&H Music Racing team was an offshoot of the Houston, Texas-based H&H Music Company and within the first year of racing, the team was dominating races all around the city.

Interest in beginning a team is much the same as many others in the sport. Clint's son Steve started to ride a motorcycle as soon as he was big enough to start it. He learned to ride on the family farm, using the natural terrain and a pond dam for jumps, enabling him to test and improve his skills. When Steve was 14, he stripped the lights off his Yamaha and won his first race at the Cloverfield Motocross Park in Pearland, Texas. Soon his dad bought him an “Iron Tank” Penton 125 and moved to the Expert Class after only three races.

Mr. Hackney saw an excellent opportunity to market a racing team. He was a big fan of Formula 1 and liked the way the professional race teams looked. So he turned his wife, Ginny, loose in designing a logo, jersey, and helmet for a racing team setting the stage for the look and feel of the team. While at the races, Mr. Hackney loved to talk with other parents making friends with the parents of other competitive riders. It was with these racers that he built the team. It started with Kevin Brown and the Hanna family - Fred, Bobby, Cecile, and Dottie. Then came Robert Tuggle, Don Rainey, Jake DeBoe, and Bo Kock.

Since they were dominating the racing around Houston, the team was invited to out of town venues such as Lockhart, Chapel Hill, and Lake Whitney, giving the team an opportunity to rub paint with the likes of SX Champions Steve Stackable, and Kent Howerton.

By 1973, Don Rainey was already competing in AMA events and team members including Steve Hackney, Robert Tuggle, and Fred Hanna began racing in the national AMA Motocross events. Since they were still in high school, they could only travel as far away as Phoenix, Kansas, Talladega, and Road Atlanta. Despite being only able to make a limited number of events, Steve, Robert, and Fred were able to break into the top 50 riders in the country during the 1973 race season.

But life gets in the way and in 1974, the team disbanded as some of the team members wanted to pursue the college degrees.

However, the team was not gone forever. Resurrected in 2015 by four-time Grammy Winner, Lyle Lovett, the new H&H Music Racing Team is Lovett and new members Bruce Blau and Gary Davis.

So what about the original members? We all know that motorcycles are always at heart. Original team member Don Rainey never quit racing and now owns, operates, and races the largest vintage motocross event in the country, Diamond Don’s Riverport Nationals in Jefferson, Texas. Steve Hackney competes in Vintage Trials, and Kevin Brown was the 2017 AHRMA motocross South Central Regional Champion in the vintage and post-vintage 60+ Expert Class. Kevin also placed 3rd. Nationally in the 60+ Expert Post-Vintage Class.

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