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Legends and Heroes Tour To Honor Clint Hardick at Monster Energy Supercross Round 2 in San Diego

January 18, 2023 - Where history takes the lead. The Legend and Heroes Tour Traveling Moto Museum is pleased to announce Clint Hardick as the newest inductee into the Tours Hall of Fame. In a presentation before opening ceremonies at the second round of the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross Series in San Diego, CA, on January 21, 2023, Hardick will be honored by the tour. He joins an elite group of men and women that made the sport of supercross what it is today.

About Clint

Clint Hardick’s name may not be as well known as other racers who grew up riding in San Diego County’s “Cajon Zone” during the late ‘70s, but that’s fine with him. The quiet kid from Alpine, California grew up in a working class family, riding dirt bikes in the hills around his house. His parents were against the idea of him racing, but relented after Clint took a riding class at Barona Oaks, taught by “Burnie” Burnworth and his son, Scott. Clint was hooked, and in less than two years he was a CMC pro, racing several times per week. He became a local legend at Speedway 117, where he raced every Wednesday night, putting together record win streaks and multiple class championships. Like many serious SoCal pros during that time, Hardick also raced 45 minute motos on Saturday at Saddleback Park and CMC events on Sunday, at either Carlsbad or Saddleback.

Hardick honed his craft after school at local practice tracks with Burnworth, Ricky Johnson and Broc Glover, building his confidence and earning their respect. In 1980, Hardick’s solid results and growing reputation earned him a factory contract with US Suzuki, which proved to be both a blessing and a curse. His primary duty was as a pre-production test rider, while also racing the AMA 250 Nationals and Supercross Series. Hardick loved to ride and had no problem pounding out 100-lap days at Carlsbad during the week, then flying to a National on the weekend. The drawback to this dream job was that he often was race testing unproven parts, resulting in many DNFs and inconsistent overall results.

Hardick was a solid top ten performer on the AMA National circuit from 1980 through 1985, performing especially well on the harder packed tracks. When injuries accumulated and opportunities became less attractive in the states, Clint closed out his outstanding career racing for Suzuki of Australia in their Supercross series, before heading home to East San Diego County.

Hardick’s stellar work ethic and humble nature has served him well in life after racing. Ever a man of faith, Clint has continued to let his actions speak louder than words. He has worked with numerous philanthropic organizations to fund and build churches, homes and sport centers throughout Baja California, Mexico and Central America, as well as providing them with sports equipment. He co-founded the church he attends in La Mesa, and co-owns a successful family business, CH Court Tech, which builds high-end tennis/pickleball courts in California and Hawaii. Clint can also be spotted surfing local breaks, riding mountain bikes, or leading epic Baja off-road rides with his lifelong friends.

Factory motocross star, successful businessman, philanthropist, humanitarian. These are the qualities that define Clint Hardick: Legend and Hero.

Join us on Saturday at the Monster Energy Supercross as we honor Clint.

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