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Tony Berluti


Tony Berluti has been a lifelong fixture of the motocross scene, first as a racer and then as a mechanic to some of the most successful racers in the sport. Berluti is widely known as one of the most well-liked and respected members of the motocross/supercross industry.

Berluti’s career as a mechanic began in 1987 as he spun the wrenches for Kawasaki privateer Tommy Watts. After working with Watt’s, Factory Suzuki hired Berluti. During his twenty years with Suzuki, he would work with riders like Buddy Antunez, Damon Huffman, Ezra Lusk, Robbie Reynard, Stephane Roncada, Sebastien Tortelli, Michel Pichon, Ivan Tedesco and Michael Byrne winning many races and several championships along the way.

Following his years at Factory Suzuki, Berluti had the opportunity to work with an upstart young team owned by fellow Las Vegas resident Carey Hart. During his time at H&H Racing - then RCH Racing, Berluti shared his experience and guidance bringing the team and their riders to the next level. Riders like Ivan Tedesco and Broc Tickle benefited from Berluti’s expertise.

After stepping away from RCH to spend more time at home, in 2018 Berluti jumped at an opportunity to get back on to the supercross tour. This time with Motoconcepts Racing working with supercross and motocross veteran Justin Brayton. It was with Brayton that Berluti would win his first 450SX Main Event, the Daytona Supercross.

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