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Ted Parks

Ted Parks founded TPJ Racing 17 years ago for the sake of helping professional motorcycle racing athletes compete at the highest level. His lifelong passion for motorcycle racing and helping the underdog only fueled his desire to build and grow this team. Alongside his wife, Kathy Parks, this dynamic duo has supported their son Ted Parks Jr. in his racing career and countless others. Weston Peick, Adam Enticknap, and Dustin Pipes called TPJ Racing home at some point in their careers and will forever be a part of the TPJ family.

Ted is one of a kind and works tirelessly to make dreams come true for his riders and fans. Recently, Ted was standing in the tunnel waiting for the promoter track walk to start when he noticed a woman nearing tears. She was devastated that she could not go on her first track walk ever because she didn’t have the proper footwear. In true Ted fashion, he gave her the shoes off his feet so she could continue her journey.

Ted will tell you, “My goal in life is to help keep Motocross great and to help these young riders be successful in life. And it’s not just the riders; our mechanics, photographers, everyone we’ve had on the team that progresses in their careers; if I can open a door for you, I will.”

He has dedicated nearly two decades of his life to TPJ Racing, logging immeasurable hours and miles along the way. Ted and Kathy Parks not only own TPJ Racing, but they are the backbone of it and all the good that comes from it.


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