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Steve Simons


Steve Simons is a pioneer of suspension technology. His many innovations and inventions helped to propel the sport of supercross to what it is today.

In the mid 70’s he invented coolers for shock absorbers to allow for longer lasting performance, front forks and fork kits that improved handling and allowed the sport of supercross top grow.

He developed the Upside Down Fork that is now the suspension standard not only in motocross but in many other motorcycle applications. His Simons UDX-60 USD forks played a significant role in motocross history as they graced Brad Lackey’s 500cc World Championship Suzuki. Lackey himself credits the forks to his successful championship run.

In the 90’s, Simons co-founded Rockshox, Inc, one of the most successful suspension companies in the sport of mountain biking and again set the standard for performance.

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