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Rest in Peace - Preston Petty

From Don Emde-

Preston Petty 1941-2022

We lost another of our motorcycling legends today, an AMA and Trailblazers Hall of Famer. Hard to find anyone with such a varied life of successful motorcycling as Preston Petty. He raced AMA Pro TTs and Flattrack at Ascot in the early 60s, winning often as a Novice and Amateur, raced Motocross not only in America, but in Europe too, as well competing for Team USA in the ISDT.

Along the way, Preston came up with one of the most successful motorcycle aftermarket products ever...plastic fenders...when most dirt bikes were coming from the factory with steel fenders that were heavier and didn't look too good after a rider had his first crash.

No way a motorcycle rider from the 60s didn't know who Preston Petty was...everybody had his fenders on their bikes, and his name was molded right into each fender.

Godspeed Preston! We already miss you.

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