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Mike Beier


About Mike Beier-

Mike’s motocross journey began in Northern California, riding with kids in the neighborhood on a Honda QA50. The 50 led to an XR75 and then a Suzuki RM100. After hanging out with kids in school that were racing motocross, Mike was talked into giving it a try. He was a natural. Mike won the overall at his first race by winning both motos, and then he and his dad decided to continue. Together they raced the Golden State Series, where he earned some success.

By 1980 his top results rewarded him with a support ride from Yamaha. But a choice would need to be made. Mike was also an accomplished baseball player. The New York Yankees were actively scouting him for their AAA farm team. It was a difficult decision, but in the end, he chose to follow his motocross dreams.

In 1984 Mike finished third overall in the 125 National Series on a privateer Yamaha. He received some Yamaha support, but he was not a factory rider like the only two racers to beat him, Jeff Ward and Johnny O’Mara. With O’Mara and Ward moving up to the 250 for 1985, Mike looked like he would be a top contender for the 1985 National Championship. Signing with Team Tamm on Kawasaki KX125, Mike looked great in preseason testing. However, he injured his knee and would not fulfill his potential.

In the mid-80s, American racers were a hot commodity in Europe, and Mike took advantage of these opportunities. He won several significant European events, including the Veronica Beach Race as well as many European Hardcross series races. These are indoor events with wooden jumps and concrete floors. From 1987- 1992, Beier made a living competing and winning Hardcross races throughout Europe.

Following his racing career, Beier worked with Innovation Sports (CTI Knee Braces) and Race Tech and is now a partner in Asterisk making knee braces in Southern California.


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