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Don Kudalski

About Don

1973 - Nationals AMA Amateur Champion 250 class

1974 - Won the 250 and Open class in the Winter AMA series on a Bultaco - Turned pro and finished 11th place on a stock Bultaco 250. Switched to a Maico and then a Rokon.

1975 - Began the season on a Rockon, won the St Pete's Winter AMA race on the Rokon, and battled with Mike Hartwig and Tony Distefano through the series, eventually finishing second overall series, behind Distefano.

His nickname "Killer" came after a run-in with the Jammer, Jimmy Weinert. While battling Weinart at the Houston Astrodome, Jimmy tried to pass Don for 3rd place in 1st moto.

Kudalski explained the altercation - "He tried to push me out of a corner but held my line, and he went down; he finally got by me later. After the moto came over to our pit and said hey, Don you see that number I plate on my bike? You're supposed to let me by. I said Jimmy, that's from last year. You have to earn that number this year. Jimmy says man; you're a Killer; that's how I got that nickname."

That summer, with the help of his friend Marty Smith, "Rok" got a ride with the factory Honda team. He won the fall Anaheim 250 class supercross race with that machine.

1976 - He began the 1976 season aboard the Honda and finished 7th overall at the Daytona SX. He rode an FMF Honda in the 125 Nationals and finished 2nd overall at the national at Midlands, Michigan. He was also the 9th fastest qualifier at the Mid-Ohio 125 Grand Prix. He switched to a Penton at the end of the season.

1977 - He began the season on a Can-Am but got injured and required knee surgery that summer. He recovered quickly enough to compete on a Yamaha that winter taking the overall championship in the Open Class in the Winter AMA Series.

This was when Harely-Davidson came calling. He rode the Harley Davidson for the first time at the Jacksonville, FL Winter AMA race and won both 250 and open class that day. The only person to ever win two pro classes on the same day! Despite having success with the Harley Davidson, they discontinued the program in the summer.

1978 - Rode a YZ250 next spring in the winter ama series, and then Ft. Lauderdale Honda sponsored CR 250.

He retired from racing after that and met Jesus as his Savior, married Denise, and raised two daughters.

He had a successful tile installation business and is now retired.

Don said - "God has been awesome to our Family."



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