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Mitch Payton


Mitch began his motorcycling life at 10 years old racing in family enduros eventually moving into desert racing where he would become a star. By the time he was 17, Mitch was the District 37 125cc class champion in desert racing. He would continue to find racing success when in 1978 a crash ended his racing career.

It was after the crash that Mitch would find his true calling and achieve the success he is known for today. At only 18 years old he purchased and ran Anaheim Husqvarna, this is where his reputation for building fast, high-performance bikes would take off. He would close up the dealership in 1980 and turn his focus to Pro Circuit.

During the mid-’80s his reputation grew, and he began working directly with the factories with pipes and cylinders. After the production rule was introduced in 1986 Mitch’s business took off, and he was the go-to guy for performance.

His career would take another turn in 1991 when he ran factory Honda’s 125cc effort. Team Peak set the standard for race teams that we still see today. Uniformed bikes, riders, and gear were introduced, and championships followed.

Since the inception of his racing team in 1991, Pro Circuit Racing has earned 30 AMA Championships and 6 Motocross of Nations victories. More than 50 professional racers have competed for Pro Circuit Racing. In addition to the professional side of the sport, many racers have ridden for Mitch during their careers.

Mitch was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame in 2010.


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