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Legends and Heroes Tour To Honor Jon Rosenstiel at the Monster Energy Supercross Round 3 in Anaheim

January 26, 2023 - Where history takes the lead. The Legend and Heroes Tour Traveling Moto Museum is pleased to announce that it will recognize Jon Rosenstiel for his accomplishments and achievements in the sport. In a presentation before opening ceremonies at the third round of the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross Series in Anaheim, CA, on January 28, 2023, Rosenstiel will be honored by the tour. He joins an elite group of men and women that made the sport of supercross what it is today.

About Jon

Jon Rosenstiel is an iconic Motocross Mechanic. He tuned for many of the Motocross

and Road Racing Legends for nearly four decades. You know their names; they’ve won

scores of races and dozens of championships with Jon R on the wrenches.

Riders such as, Gary Jones, Marty Smith, Pierre Karsmakers, Tommy Croft, Warren Reid, MartyTripes, Broc Glover, Donnie Cantaloupi, Mickey Diamond, Jeff Stanton, Damon

Bradshaw, Doug Dubach, Jeff Emig, Doug Henry, John Dowd, Jeremy McGrath, and the list goes on.

Even the Corporate “Suits” recognized his expertise and value to their success and

branding. The Japanese race and engineering staff admired Jon R for his technical

abilities and work-to-win ethic.

Jon R spends his time these days continuing cool experiments in his garage

laboratory. A number of his decades-long list of racer and mechanic compatriots over

the years have visited his laboratory, and they are as impressed with that as they

were are with his motorcycle tuning and mechanical/electrical aptitude, which, as

Dave Arnold has said, that makes him a hero to every other mechanic.

So importantly too, motorcycles were at the center of much of Jon's life, and his

family and the motorcycle sport are so glad it did.

Join us on Saturday at the Monster Energy Supercross as we honor Jon R.

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